Monday, May 31, 2010

Meeting Sherrilyn Kenyon (ummm, actually twice!)

So, Friday my parents took my two youngest chidren with them to Houston for a 4-day weekend and left hubs and I with only the teenager to deal with. First on my list of kid-free things to do this weekend: Attend the Sherrilyn Kenyon book signing at the Barnes and Noble across town! As depicted by Ms. Kenyon in the picture below, the event had highs and lows (don't worry, it was mostly highs!):

The signing started at 6pm, and I got there right at 6, so all the chairs (they had maybe 40 or so chairs?) were taken. The set up was in a side "wing" of the store, but it was very cramped and anyone not in a chair had to line up between the rows of bookshelves. Of course, once she started talking, I said "screw it" and got out of line so I could see/hear her. She's a great storyteller (I guess that's a given since she's a writer, LOL) but I couldn't hear much due to the SexAndTheCity wannabees next to me who would not Shut The F Up. Problem was, it was so cramped there was really no where else I could move.

Ms. Kenyon actively encouraged questions, and there were a lot of questions about future HEAs for various characters but I couldn't really hear the answers. I did ask why she chose New Orleans as the setting for her Dark Hunter books. Her answer: It's just such a great city - full of life and mystery and that certain "feel" you don't get anywhere else. She said she loves this city. (Did I mention I (heart) her?)

She also said as far as YA content, Nick's series would age as Nick ages and eventually lead up to and intersect with the Dark Hunter books. Again, she said some other stuff about this series as well as her other series but I couldn't hear her answers.

She brought along one of her writing partners, Diana Love. This lady was a bundle of energy - she was energetic and very supportive of Sherrilyn. It was very obvious they have a lot of fun together. She spent the whole time cracking jokes and throwing T-shirts. I've never seen so many t-shirts at an author event, and she was funny and got everyone involved, which made the time pass quickly (I didn't get out of there until 9pm). See the t-shirt Sherrilyn is wearing below? Yup, I won one! Ms. Love was super nice about making sure the winners got shirts that fit, which was pretty awesome.

So, here's what happened: I finally got through the line - it would've been fine if not for the incredibly annoying (and rude) ladies in front of me in line (yes, the SexAndTheCity wannabees). OMG - I thought about giving myself death by papercut but was afraid Ms. Kenyon wouldn't sign a bloody book. (Really, ladies, no one gives a shit how many pages a day you can read. It's not a contest.) Anyway, by the time I got up to Ms. Kenyon, I was so nervous. She was very sweet and signed my books and we chatted a minute but damned if I remember any of it. I got to my car and realized I had been holding a book and forgot to get it signed, AND I forgot to get a picture! So, I went back in and got back in line (there were only about 15 people left) and saw her again. She was so sweet and gave each person her full attention and got up for pictures and hugged everyone; very down-to-earth.

(My camera was acting up so I'm trying to smile while simultaneously figure out whether or not a picture was actually being taken)

Keep your eyes open around here in the next week or two - my 1 year blogiversary is coming up and it's possible that I have a signed copy of Infinity to give away!


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