Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Musings and a Winner!

I posted this birthday ramble on my family blog today, but thought I'd share it here:

Well, today I'm officially 40. The big four-oh (as in Oh My God I'm Old!!!) I was sitting with the family last night talking about all the things we take for granted that were not invented when I was born (if it's got an * next to it, that was my teenage son's input):

Things that were invented after I was born:

~cable TV: I remember getting HBO and being amazed that we had 20 channels!!!
~personal computers: If we were really good, Dad would let us play King's Quest before bed! (when hubs and I were dating I'd complain he spent too much time on his Commodore 64)
~fax machines
~cell phones: Once when I had a near-death experience, my neighbor insisted I take his cell phone - it was a backpack with a phone attached by a cord!
~CD players
~video games: I remember when Pac Man came to my neighborhood, I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about!
~microwaves: When my teen was a little kid he asked how we cooked before microwaves :)
~the space shuttle: I was living in Florida at the time and we got to leave class to watch it go up - 5th grade.
~rap music
~VCRs: Anyone remember when you'd go to the video store and they'd ask "VCR or Beta
~happy meals

I don't feel 40 - I feel 27. This is bullshit! I was laying in bed with hubs last night and out conversation went something like this:

Me: "you know, this is the last night you get to have sex with someone in their 30s"
Hubs: "no it's not."
Me: *pushes him off the bed*

I told hubs he has to call me Mrs. Robinson until he turns 40 in October :)


And, as I promised - to celebrate my refusal to grow older, I'm giving away a YA book today:

A brand new copy of Shiver, signed by the author -Maggie Stiefvater!

And the winner is:

Crystal GB

Congratulations! I've sent an e-mail, if I don't hear back from you by Saturday I will draw a new winner.


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