Friday, September 10, 2010

My Decadent Weekend Post

Last weekend, Writers for New Orleans, led by Heather Graham, was hosting a conference at the Hotel Monteleone with a book signing on Sunday. My SIL (and BFF) Hannah came down and we spent the night at the Hotel Monteleone with Cecile from All I Want and More.

Cecile and Hannah got to New Orleans bright and early. We walked around the French Quarter and had lunch, then went out for a few drinks in the evening. We had a blast talking about books and blogging and life in general. Here we are on Bourbon Street - okay, you can barely see us but I promise that's us...

(Cecile, Me, and Hannah)

It was Southern Decadence weekend, so we were expecting to see huge groups of over-the-top gay men, but we really didn't see as much as I thought we would. I tried to get a picture of the guy dressed in high-heeled boots, a feather headress and a boa, but my camera's pics came out too dark. I guess because I live here it didn't occur to me to take a lot of pictures; Cecile took a ton, so I'm looking forward to seeing her pics.

Then, Sunday was the book signing at the hotel, and beforehand we met two other bloggers for brunch at The Court of Two Sisters:

(Parajunkee, Hannah, Cecile, Autumn, and Me)

Our waiter was fun, and we had breakfast and mimosas! After breakfast we headed back over to the hotel for the book signing. There were several authors, but I mostly hung around Kathy Love's table, as she had several PNR books I was interested in:

I picked up a couple of books from her vampires in New Orleans series, and had her sign a contemporary I already owned. She was very sweet and fun to talk to.

I also met LA Banks, who was super-nice. She'd already run out of the first book in both of her series by the time I got there, so I didn't pick anything up as my book-OCD would not allow me to get the 2nd book in a series signed without having done so with the first book.

There were several baskets being raffled, and Hannah and Autumn each won a basked full of books and goodies!

After the signing, we stopped back in the hotel's Carousel Bar (it spins!) and had a drink before everyone headed home.

It was a great weekend and I hope we can get together again soon!!!


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