Monday, April 12, 2010

Review: Cheating Chance by James Buchanan

This book falls into my M/M Reading Challenge.

I bought this book at Chris' recommendation - Thanks Chris, you were right; I loved it!

Cheating Chance is about Nick, a young goth computer geek. He works for the Nevada State Gaming Comission checking the computer code in slot machines to make sure they're all legal. He's recently broken up with his boyfriend, Jake, who really did a job on Nick's psyche.

As the story opens, Nick is feeling sort of sorry for his situation when he meets Brandon at a Goth convention. There is instant attraction and they go back to Brandon's room. They intend to just have a fling, but their chemistry is strong and they exchange numbers and e-mail.

Brandon is a cop who lives in California, and is definitely NOT out. When Nick and Brandon get together for a fun weekend, Nick's feelings are hurt when Brandon starts flirting with women. Brandon exlains it's habit and promises to work on it because he wants the relationship to work. Of course, they stumble a few times and have some issues to work out, and Brandon has a few surprises for Nick.

The relationship storyline is nicely tied in to a mystery involving casino slot machines and a murder. There were a few scenes where I had to go back and read the technical stuff twice, but I pretty much understood what was going on and why Nick got involved; I got the "who" but was curious until almost the very end about the "why" of the mystery.

I loved the scenes between Nick and Brandon - the sex was hot and the emotional scenes drew me in. I was rooting for these two through the whole book. The scene where they talked about having sex with women had me in stitches - Nick is so freakin' cute! I got why it was difficult for Brandon to show his feelings for Nick outside the bedroom, and it made the ending that much more emotional. I'm definitely going to grab the next book about these two, Inland Empire.

I give Cheating Chance 4 1/2 out of 5 stars! Thanks Chris!!!


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