Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Random Bookishness...

Just a couple of bookish thoughts:

I first asked this question on twitter but it's hard to explain in 140 characters or less. In trying to avoid spoilers for any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, let's say that one of the brothers's Shellan dies. And that Ms. Ward has hinted there may be a new mate at some point in the future. How does the name tattoo thing work?

Do they scratch a line through the first wife's name? Turn it into a bunch of flowers? Talk about a constant reminder of the first wife, right? That's gotta be worse than looking at her picture all over the house... Or maybe the new wife gets her name across his chest? 'Cause the kids names go on their backs too, right? Or was that just a one-time thing for Nalla?
My next thought is this: It drives me nuts when authors use ethnic characters who think/speak words and phrases (usually insulting ones) in another language (for example, Italian) and don't put in a glossary. Although I know it probably wouldn't be good for sales to have an Italian/English glossary of curse words in the front of the book....maybe they could put in italics what it means behind the phrases as they pop up in the story? Or at the end of the book? Maybe I'm the only one who wants to know....I mean, I kind of get the general idea but still....
Okay, this one is a weird question. I've noticed I've been having pain in my left wrist the last couple of weeks (I'm right-handed) and I've also noticed that's the hand I use to hold my book or kindle when I'm reading. Coincidence? Anyone else have this problem? I don't like to read in bed so I sit in a chair and prop my left arm up and hold the pages open while I read (duh - obviously!) but you know how those paperbacks can be tight if you're like me and don't want to break the spine. I'm wondering if I have "book wrist" instead of "tennis elbow".


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