Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quick Update and Happy Blogiversary to Me!!

Hannah, Courtney, Kristie, Me, Cecile

Had a great weekend meeting other bloggers! Yes, I did fall face first into a speed trap ---> anyone who travels the Atchafalaya Basin watch your speed - they're meanie heads! Other than that it was a perfect weekend.

Cecile, Courtney (Hell Kat) and Kristie got there around 10:00 and Hannah and I didn't get there until 11 (thanks cop). Cecile and I recognized each other at the same time and we immediately fell into conversation. The five of us sat at the Books a Million for about 3 or so hours just chatting about books and life. We left and had lunch at a local sports bar (it was surprisingly good!) and chatted some more. Then Cecile, Courtney and Kristie got back on the road and Hannah and I headed for our hotel. I'm looking forward to seeing Cecile again on Labor Day weekend for the Writers for New Orleans event!

And how awesome was True Blood?!? I want a t-shirt that says:

Conscience Down
Dick Up
Everything will be alright


And - tomorrow starts my weeklong Blogiversary celebration - make sure to come by!!!


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