Thursday, July 16, 2009


My husband told me he was having trouble putting comments on my last post (of course he'd comment on the threesome post!). I didn't think anything of it, but I received this e-mail today:

Hi Patti!I attempted to post the following in comments at your blog, but I don't have an online identity that it seemed to like. I tried a couple then decided to simply e-mail you directly.First off, thanks for giving Ensnared a try. I enjoyed reading your review and think based on what you said that you'll enjoy Deceived by Desire if you decide to give it a chance.It's a novel-length story focused on the brother Nash, more than twice as long as Ensnared. My style grew quite a bit as a writer between these two books and I had a new editor who taught me a ton. If memory serves (which it should, I probably read each scene twelve-plus times while writing it!) I don't think there's any finger-fixation issues. ;) If there are, I owe you an apology!And all of the love and sex scenes are focused solely between the two leads (i.e., no threesomes this time). Let me know what you think if you give it a read, and thanks again for the great write up. I do try to learn and improve based on reader feedback! :-) Larissa

Wow, thank you Ms. Lyons! I'm definitely going to give Deceived by Desire a try!!

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  1. And thank YOU, Patti! I love your enthusiasm & hooray-your comment feature is being agreeable now. :-)
    >^..^< Larissa