Monday, November 29, 2010

Quickie Review - A Sibling Menage that Didn't Squick Me Out!

From the author's website:
Jaci Wright has been running from Cameron Falladay, for seven years now. Fears of the desires he arouses in her, and the knowledge of the relationship he wanted with her spurred her to run, to find a life that kept her traveling the globe and out of his reach. His and his twin brother’s.

But now, life has come full circle. A new job has placed Jaci in the Sinclair mansion with Cameron and his brother Chase. And Cam is tired of waiting. It’s hard enough to face accepting a relationship with Cam, knowing what he wants, but having the world know her lover’s brother touches her as well fills her with dread. Gossip, rumors and the tattered tales of juicy secrets fill the society she now moves within. Can she face the world knowing she’s a lover to both men, or will her hesitancy and her fears destroy her chance of
happiness forever.

I grabbed this book because I was in the mood for menage (heh). I read the back blurb and thought it sounded good - obviously I didn't see the word "brother" or you know I would have kept on going. I think my squeamishness at sibling menage is pretty well documented.

Jaci Wright has taken a job designing an exclusive club for her friend Courtney's husband. As it turns out, her hometown crush and his twin, Cam and Chase Farriday, work for Courtney's husband. Cam plans to make Jaci his, he's not letting her get away again like she did seven years ago. But Jaci's older now, and she has secrets that she's not ready to share. Cam wants to protect Jaci, but how can he if she won't tell him what happened in her past? Jaci won't share with Cam if he won't share with her - what happened to him all those years ago? What hardened him and changed him into the man he is today?

Turns out Ms. Leigh wrote such a great story that for whatever reason, the fact that Cam and Chase were twins (Twins Basil!*) didn't bother me! This book was steammmmy! I think it's part of a series (although not the first book in the series), and I'd definitely be interested in reading more.

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher:St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: May 13, 2008

(*Austin Powers)


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