Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: Dane by Elizabeth Amber

From the author's website:
DANE begins a new trilogy within The Lords of Satyr series.
It's now 50 years later, in Rome during the forum excavations of 1880. . .

Dane and Eva have secrets.

Because of a mysterious boyhood trauma, he harbors an alternate personality that seeks to protect him from the knowledge of his missing brother's whereabouts. Eva is a matchmaker, whose job it is to find human wives for Dane and his brothers. She's the only female satyr in existence. A fact she must hide, even from Dane


I first saw an excerpt of Dane over at Cecile's place and though it was an interesting premise. I was a bit leery of a guy with two penises, but it wasn't weird (really!).

The storyline was good and it kept me interested. (The dual penises were a part of the Satyr genetics - they only came out at full moon and were very erotic but not the focus of the story.) We learn that Dane and his younger brother were kidnapped many years ago. Dane mysteriously reappeared one year later but they still have not found his brother. Because of his experience, Dane has multiple personalities that come out when it's time for the full moon.

The story starts with Dane walking around on his land, when he finds Eva in his forest. He senses she's not human, but can't figure out what she is. It's full moon, and he starts to seduce her, but she gets away before she gets the whole "Satyr"treatment (*wink, nudge*). What Dane doesn't know, and we don't learn until Eva gets home, is that she is the only female Satyr, and as such is very valuable and succeptible to kidnapping; which is why she disguises her scent. We learn she has needs at full moon that only a Satyr can fulfill, so she creates a "shimmer skin" (fake man) to assist her in fulfilling her needs.

Eva is a marriage broker for the "Elseworld" (the non-humans living on earth). Due to a disease years ago, most of the Elseworld females cannot procreate, and therefore the men marry human women. Dane hires Eva to find him a wife. While she is working on this, they attend many functions together and are attracted to each other.

The storyline of Eva and Dane getting to know each other was twined nicely with Dane and his brothers searching for their missing youngest brother. The bad guys in this story were unrepentantly bad and I loved it! (I was a bit surprised at the culprit.)

I liked Eva but was a bit frustrated that she didn't ask some of the questions of Dane that she should have up front. She is able to see auras and Dane's auras changed with his personalities. I don't think, based on her personality, she would have ignored that.

I haven't read any of the previous books in this series, so I don't know if I would find out more about the Elseworld there, but I am definitely interested. I'd also love to see Eva's friend Alexa get a story - maybe with the long lost brother *winks*?

If you can let yourself get immersed into the fantasy world Ms. Amber has created, you'll enjoy this erotic and entertaining read; I read it in a day!

My rating:

I received this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.


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