Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random (Twilight Saga) Thoughts

When I went to meet some LA/TX blogger peeps in June, I decided the best way to kill three hours in the car would be to listen to Twilight on audiobook. Since then, I've continued to listen when I'm in the car and am now on Breaking Dawn.

Couple of thoughts:

---> If Bella had decided to ditch Edward, or Edward had died *gasp*, or something else had happened to ensure Bella and Edward didn't get together, would Jacob have imprinted on Bella? Since Bella/Edward wouldn't be together there would be no Renesmee. Would whatever "magic" that affects the wolves' imprinting have known that fate had changed and act accordingly?

---> I've said this before but can't help thinking it again: Every time I get to the tent scene, when Jacob comes back and kisses Bella "for realz", I think about Renesmee growing up, and Jacob telling her "You kiss better than your mom." *ewwwww!*

--->There was a very funny parody on livejournal that two girls did about a year ago and I can't remember where it was. They did parodies of Edward keeping a chart of Bella's breaths at night, Edward requiring starch in the laundry and having a "swear jar", Emmett taking Renesmee to Best Buy and playing video games, but I can't remember much else. Did anyone else ever see this?


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