Monday, July 12, 2010

I got nothin'....oh - maybe....nah,... nothin'.

Not in a reading funk, exactly - but things are so busy around here I'm not getting much reading done. I've been reading the same two books for a week - a week!!! Anyone who knows me knows that's unheard of.

I'm going on vacation next week - my last unmarried brother is getting married - yay! The bride is a lovely young lady who originally hails from Mexico, so the wedding is going to be in Texas (where her mother and sister live) and the reception will be in Mexico (so her extended family can celebrate). I'm looking forward to this vacation, although I don't think there will be much relaxing - it's a 12 hour drive (driving with hubs and 3 kids will make it feel like a 12 DAY drive, LOL) and we're breaking it up into two days - 6 hours to Houston, where we'll spend the night with my brother and SIL (in their new house!), then we'll all drive the remaining 6 hours to the wedding destination.We'll stay 3 days, then split the drive home again.

The whole family is in the wedding party, so I'm hoping we'll get some nice family photos while we're there. My poor kid #3 - we don't have any pictures of her on the walls (she's 3, soon she'll start noticing!) All I can say at this point is I hope Mexico has enough tequila, 'cause I'm going to need a lot!!

Oh - please check this post - I still have two unclaimed books that I'll repick on Friday if I don't hear from you *eyeballing EYRE and CASS * !!!! Send me an e-mail at bookaddictpatti at cox dot net so I can get your book out to you!!!


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