Saturday, February 20, 2010

Richelle Mead Winners!!!

Many thanks to all who entered. I'm slowly working my way through checking out all the new-to-me blogs and making new friends.

As you all know how tech-unsavvy I am, you've probably already figured out that I put all the entries in a big bucket and let my eight-year-old pick the winners. This is the first contest I've held that allowed extra entries and wow, there were a lot of them! When I enter a contest I usually try to grab the extra entries but I've always wondered if they really make a difference....if my giveaway is any indication, they do.

The winners of the SIGNED books are:

For Vampire Academy:

Eva SB
(one of her extra entries for adding my button won)

For Succubus Blues:

(her twitter entry won)

Congratulations ladies! Please contact me (pspinney at cox dot net) by Friday, February 26 or I will pick a new winner.


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