Friday, January 22, 2010

Meeting Richelle Mead and a Giveaway!!

First, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who voted for Ms. Mead to come to New Orleans as one of her stops on her book tour. Even though the signing was in the middle of the Saints playoff game (Who Dat!), my husband agreed to keep our girls so I could take the teenager (Book Mule) and go to the signing. It was very nice - at a small, independent bookstore, probably around 100 people came (I'm not sure about the number...dramatic pause....I was in the 3rd row!!!).

I didn't expect her to look like her photos (why not, I don't know), but she does - she's cute as a button and her red hair is gorgeous!! (I've wanted red hair since I read Anne of Green Gables) She read an excerpt from Blood Promise (about Rose getting another Tarot reading) and then did a bit of Q&A. I don't think she revealed anything new in the Q&A (6 VA books, 6 Succubus books, I don't remember if she mentioned how many Dark Swan books) although she did say when she finishes up VA and Georgina she may do a VA spinoff or something but she wants to go down to one YA and one adult series each. I asked who her favorite characterwas and while she didn't really answer directly she did say Georgina is her favorite to write because that character is most like herself, and Rose is least like herself. She said the men were becoming fun to write, at which point I asked if Seth would redeem himself before the series was over and she gave me a wry look and said yes.

Reading an excerpt from Blood Promise:

Answering questions:

She was actually very talkative while she signed which surprised me; I figured seeing so many people and signing your name over and over would be a bit monotous. She did comment on that when she signed two of my books and realized she'd signed the same thing, she went ahead and added some more stuff to make it a bit different - she was really sweet.

She did a post about her visit with pics and Book Mule and I are in one of the photos, LOL!

As a big thank-you for voting, while I was there I got Ms. Mead to sign a copy of Vampire Academy and a copy of Succubus Blues (SB was my first book review - this series does not get the love it deserves IMO) to give away. I'll pick one winner for each book. Due to the fact that this city is getting ready to turn into Party Central and I plan at being at Mardi Gras Parades for almost two weeks straight, the contest will end February 19.

Here are the rules:

1. You MUST be a follower.

2. +2 for putting my button on your blog (leave link)

3. +1 each for posting, sidebar mention, or tweet of this contest (leave link).

Everyone is entered for both books unless you mention you're only interested in one or the other. Open to everyone.


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