Friday, October 9, 2009

Crux by Moira Rogers

I honestly cannot remember how I came across Moira Rogers' website, but I'm so glad I did. I really liked this book!

Mackenzie is on the run from a crazy ex-boyfriend. The problem is, no matter where she goes, he keeps finding her and trying to bring her back. He's really crazy - he keeps telling her she's a cougar and is going to be the mother of his cubs; what a weirdo!

She ends up running to New Orleans and working in a bar there, where unbeknownst to her the owner and several patrons are shapeshifters. The bar owner, Nicole (Nick), asks a friend, Jackson, to follow Mackenzie home from work to see if she's okay. Nick suspects Mackenzie is a shapeshifter but can't confirm it, and is worried she's hiding from someone/something. Mackenzie detects Jackson tailing her, and when he sees the hellhole she's living in he brings her back to stay at the empty apartment over the bar. The next morning, as Mackenzie is getting ready to skip town again, Jackson tries to stop her but they are attacked by a werewolf and a magician. Jackson is able to fight them off (he's not what he appears to be) and brings Mackenzie back to his place where they talk about magic and shapeshifters and whether or not Mackenzie might be a shapeshifter. She's 23 and has never shifted, which is very strange if she is a shapeshifter.

Someone ransacks Jackson's house, and once they figure out who is really after Mackenzie they take off to see Jackson's magic mentor; they need more information to keep her safe. Mackenzie ends up captive and the bad guy is pretty formidable (and crazy).

As I mentioned above, I really enjoyed this book. Jackson and Mackenzie's quest to find the truth and escape the ex was action packed right up to the end. The romantic relationship was believable and I enjoyed their interactions together. The secondary characters were good, although towards the end there were a lot of names to keep up with.

I'm ready to read book 2 - Crossroads, although I don't see a release date yet. Crux is available by e-book at Samhain and will be coming out in print in January 2010. I think I may give her Red Rock Pass books a try as well.


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