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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Pleasures Untold by Lisa Sanchez

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Pleasures Untold
~Lisa Sanchez

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 1878 KB
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Release Date: February 7 2011

Paperback: 191 pages
ISBN-10: 1936305593
ISBN-13: 978-1936305599

From Goodreads:
Hell hath no fury like a witch done wrong. Pissed off and packing an arsenal of witchy mojo, Martha is on the warpath. Determined to avenge the murder of her mother and grandmother, her mission is simple: kill every vampire, demon and underworld bastard she comes across, because one of those hell beasts might be the monster that stole her childhood from her. But when a sexy Latin vamp literally falls from the sky, saving her from becoming an undead Happy Meal, she has no choice but to reassess everything she thinks she knows.

Xan is an anomaly --a vampire born, not turned. A powerful warlock who walks in daylight, Xan spends his days, and nights, watching over Martha, protecting her from Lucian, the blood-sucking monstrosity whose sole mission in death is to drain her dry. Undeniable attraction and the promise of pleasures untold draw the two lovers into a frustrating dance of one step forward, two steps back. When Lucian throws down a deadly ultimatum, Martha is forced to choose between relying on her own mystical woo woo to save the lives of her stolen friends or succumbing to the lure of dark, voodoo magic. Xan and Martha must work together to save those closest to her and put an end to Lucian's reign of terror before it's too late.
Martha has a secret, she's not who people think she is. She's a witch on the run from a powerful and deadly vampire sorcerer. He killed her mother and grandmother, and he wants her next. She doesn't allow herself to get close to people to protect them from getting hurt. Case in point: she heads out for a night of fun with her roommates, and one of them gets attacked. Xan, the sexy bartender, comes to her rescue. Martha is instantly attracted to Xan - he makes her feel safe. When Martha learns not only what Xan is, but who he is, she must reassess everything she's been fighting against, and trust him to help her save her roommates and destroy Lucian for good.

My thoughts: When I read the first book in the series, Eve of Samhain, I didn't really connect with the Hero/Heroine, but I thought Martha, the witchy roommate, would have an interesting story, and she did. In Pleasures Untold, I like Martha - she's loyal to her friends and family and determined to keep them safe. I also like Xan, although his attraction to Martha kind of weirded me out at first, once we learned who he was and what he'd been doing for the last several years. Although Xan wants to protect Martha, he teaches her the skills necessary to defend herself, which was a nice twist on the "Alpha male protects his female"; I like that Martha and Xan were able to work as a team to fight the bad guys.

I also found Xan's friend Gabriel sexy and intriguing, and I'm hoping he's the hero in the next book in this series. There is a bit of a cliffhanger ending with regards to Martha's roommate, so I think/hope that's where Ms. Sanchez is taking us...

My Rating:

The giveaway: I have two e-book copies of this series to give away, Eve of Samhain and Pleasures Untold, courtesy of Omnific Publishing! Leave a comment and a way to contact you - that's it!! Open internationally and ends March 12 at midnight.

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