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M/M Guest Review: Larissa reviews Josh Lanyon's Holmes and Moriarty series

Please help me welcome Larissa, from Larissa's Bookish Life! Larissa runs a fun and fabulous blog that I'm sure many of you are familiar with:

She's always got something going on over there!! Larissa graciously agreed to stop by today an review one of my favorite M/M authors: Josh Lanyon's Somebody Killed His Editor. Take it away, Larissa:

Somebody Killed His Editor
All She Wrote
~Josh Lanyon

* Publisher: Samhain Publishing
* Release Date of Book #1: June 16th, 2009
* Release Date of Book #2: December 28th, 2010
* My Copy: eBooks/Bought.
* Series: Holmes & Moriarity Series
* Genre: M/M Romantic Mystery
* Author's Website

* Buy The Books:

Somebody Killed His Editor
All She Wrote: Holmes & Moriarity, Book 2

From Goodreads:
Thanks to an elderly spinster sleuth and her ingenious cat, Christopher Holmes has enjoyed a celebrated career as a bestselling mystery writer. Until now. Sales are down and his new editor is allergic to geriatric gumshoes.

On the advice of his agent, he reinvents his fortyish, frumpy, recently dumped self into the sleek, sexy image of a literary lion, and heads for a Northern California writers conference to try and resurrect his career. A career nearly as dead as the body he stumbles over in the woods.

In a weirdly déjà vu replay of one of his own novels, he finds himself stranded in an isolated lodge full of frightened women—and not a lawman in sight. Except for J.X. Moriarity, former cop and bestselling novelist. The man with whom he shared a one-night stand—okay, maybe three—long ago. The man who wants to arrest him for murder.A ruthless, stalking killer, or a hot, handsome ex-lover. Which poses the greater danger? It’s elementary, my dear Holmes!


Thanks so much to Patti for having me here today! I grasped with both hands this chance of talking about one of my favorite genres ever! M/M Romance Rocks and it needs to be said, loud and clear! =)

I am a HUGE Josh Lanyon fan, so I am constantly checking out his website and trying to find books of his that I haven’t read yet. On one of my most recent visits, I found the Homes & Moriarity books and I can’t believe I had not read them before!

Holmes is a former NYT Best-Seller, Cozy-mystery writer that has seen better days. His publisher is dropping him, he can’t seem to write anything anymore and his love life sucks, not in a good way. During a writer’s retreat that his manager strong armed him to attend, a murder occurs and following a series of mishaps, Homes is one of the prime suspects.

In enter Moriarity, a very successful Thriller writer and former flame of Holmes’, whose previous experience as law enforcement puts in the position of being the best man to take lead on the murder investigations, specially since him, Holmes and everyone else is stranded in the hotel where that retreat is taking place.

Holmes & Moriarity have amazing chemistry, but their past brief relationship keeps getting in the way and Josh does an awesome job in telling their story. Not only the romance part of either books is very satisfying, but the mystery in either novel is very very well constructed and gave me Agatha Christie’s flashbacks in a very good way.

Josh Lanyon is an extraordinary author and the Homes & Moriarity books are nothing if not the perfect example of his talent! I can’t wait for more from this series!


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