Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do Nice Bloggers Finish Last?

I've seen comments around the blogosphere about how when a blogger only puts up good reviews they're not really trustworthy as far as book recs go. I don't know if I fall into that "nice blogger" category or not. I mean, yes, I'm nice, and I'm a blogger, but I hope I'm not one of those bloggers no one trusts a recommendation from.

Here's my thing: I started blogging to talk about books - books I like. Who wants to talk about a book they hate? (Trust me, there are a few authors and/or books I just can't do, but unless I've been specifically asked to review them, or it was a "OMG you're not going to believe this", I just skip the review.)

My husband tells me I'm too nice on the blog, and wants me to get down and dirty with the reviews ('cause he's evil like that). That's just not me. I think I did one snarky review waaaayyy back (this time last year?) when I was still new to blogging, and even though I did it as more of a "holy smokes I wish someone would have told me that's in this book" than anything else, I still feel badly about it (although I still won't read her books!). I think I've done one or two DNF reviews, and a couple of 1 or 2 stars, but usually if it's less than 3 stars I don't want to talk about it - why continue to torture myself?

So, unless I start chugging from that there bottle of Sweet Bitch (I currently have two bottles in the house *winks*), I'll probably continue to gush about the books I love and sweep the duds under the carpet. I'll still put 1 or 2 stars on Goodreads, but probably won't put a review (if it's a requested review I am honest however).

What about you? How do you review? Every book you read? Only the ones you like? A mixed bag?


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