Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm in this for the love of the

Okay, as you've probably guessed from my blog title and list of books I read monthly - My name is Patti and I'm a Book Addict. I started this blog to talk about books and read about books and lust over books get my point.

I started up on Goodreads last month but I still don't really have the hang of it - like linking my reviews and stuff. I still can't figure out how to put in what I'm currently reading!!! And I keep forgetting to put in a photo too, grrrr!

Yesterday I joined Twitter - if I haven't found you yet please look me up: BookAddictPatti- I tried looking people up but apparently Twitter was overwhelmed and told me to come back later. And apparently this morning was not later enough. I still need to figure out how to link stuff in my tweets and pick up the "twingo" (tweet lingo).


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