Friday, September 16, 2011

Does your inbox look like this?

[image redacted]
Anyone who knows me knows I like things to be in order.  I firmly believe "everything has a place" and get borderline crazy if it's not where it belongs.  One place I've tried but failed to organize is my e-mail.  I feel like I'm always behind, or can't find something I received or sent out...

I've got a separate e-mail for personal use and book blogging.  My blog e-mail has lots of folders:
Authors After Dark
BEA 2012
Blog Help
Blog Misc
Books I've Won
Giveaways (that I'm hosting)
Paperback Swap
Review Requests (subfolder for competed or rejected)
Pam has her own folder for reviews and such *waves at Pam*
and I just started a few folders for publishers

And yet, it's a mess.  I spend more time trying to find stuff than I do actually sending it.  I once sent myself an entire blog post and then promptly lost it.  Poor Pam has to put up with my e-mails like "what's your address again" or "what books do you have?" Lucky for me she's got a sense of humor :)

It's not like I'm inundated with e-mails or have government secrets in there; I just can't ever seem to find something where I think I put it.

Anyone have any suggestions?  What am I missing? 
How do you organize your inbox?


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