Monday, August 15, 2011

Books As Fashion

I've seen wearable book jewelry, and I love it.  There are several pieces I'd love to own: 

These book necklaces by Margo Kent are pretty darn cool:

This one from bindingbee is just precious and I love the tiny key:

From artist Janna Syvanoja; this piece is gorgeous (not sure if it's a necklace or pin):


There are book purses (LOVE!!!):

Or, if you'd rather, a clutch from bibliobags:


And did you know there are dresses made out of books?

Here is a children's book dress made by Susan Perine:
Makes me think of flappers from the 1920's; it's adorable!

This is probably my favorite, by Ryan Novelline (the link has a gorgeous view of the back):
Made entirely from Little Golden Books - even the bodice is made from the spines!

I love it when people use books as wearable art; it's so much fun!


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