Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pam Reviews: My Dangerous Pleasure by Carolyn Jewel

My Dangerous Pleasure
~ Carolyn Jewel

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Forever
Publish Date: June 1,2011
ISBN-10: 0446563870
ISBN-13: 978-0446563871
ASIN: B004T4M600

From the author's website:
TEMPT THE DARKNESS Strong-willed and independent, Paisley Nichols is used to taking care of herself. But when an insane mage begins tracking her every move and threatening her at every turn, she has no choice but to put her life in the hands of a demon.

RISK THE PASSION Burned by betrayal, demon assassin Iskander won't get too close to anyone. He spends his days serving his warlord and his nights indulging in carnal pleasures . . . and that's exactly how he likes it. But when a mage wages a wrenching psychic assault on his beautiful tenant Paisley, Iskander must defend her. Under his protection, she will be drawn irresistibly into his life and learn about her own mysterious powers. And not a moment too soon. The mage haunting her isn't acting alone-and he won't rest until he destroys both Paisley and Iskander.

Paisley is an average young woman, living her dream by working in her own bakery. Life is good until she catches the attention of a certain man. They end up going on a date; and then the man who she was first attracted to, turns out to be a crazy stalker.

Iskander is Paisley’s landlord, and a demon. The very reason that Paisley does not have any magic in her is why Iskander has her as a tenant; so he knows that something is amiss when he feels magic coming from her apartment.

Paisley’s stalker turns out to be a mage that Iskander knows, and soon Paisley is relying on her landlord that she hardly spoke to before, for her own safety.

My thoughts:
This is the fourth book of a series. Although it’s not necessary to read the previous books, there was some terminology that I wasn’t familiar with, which made it a little confusing in the beginning. There is a glossary in the front of the book, so by the end of the first few chapters I didn’t have to glance back at it anymore.

It took me a while to warm up to Iskander; I think part of the reason was because of his whole playboy attitude. I did end up liking him as the book went on, but he was definitely not my favorite male lead.

Paisley, on the other hand, I liked right away. I liked how she would try to help out by doing what she does best, bake. (This book made me want to turn on the oven and bake some desserts a time or two.) She couldn’t pay Iskander for all his help, but she made sure that he ate really well.

Paisley and Iskander had some good chemistry, and some great sex scenes. The story flowed well and was interesting. While I won’t go back and read the previous books in this series, it was overall a good read.

My Rating:


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