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Review: Heart of the Highland Wolf by Terry Spear

Heart of the Highland Wolf
~Terry Spear

Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publish Date: June 1, 211
ISBN-10: 1402245521
ISBN-13: 978-1402245527

From Goodreads:
Ian McNeill, laird of Argent Castle finds his capital squandered through unwise investments and the wolf clan's home that has been theirs for centuries is in danger of being forfeit for nonpayment of taxes. When a movie producer contacts him with the notion of using his castle to produce a movie, Ian abhores the idea, but it's his only salvation. Even worse, his people become extras in this epic Highland movie. But when one American werewolf romance author, Julia Wildthorn, slips into the castle under the guise of being with the movie company, except she is trying to jumpstart her muse with writing a book set in old-world Scotland--specifically about his castle and his people as the characters in her newest book venture--she and Ian tangle.

Julia Wildthorn is a werewolf. She's also a romance author with writer's block. She's accompanying her friend Maria (who's also a werewolf) to Scotland for a movie shoot in the hopes that she'll find inspiration for her next book. She's also got a secret task given to her by her grandfather - find an ancient box that's hidden somewhere in the castle.

Werewolf Ian MacNeill is Laird of Argent Castle. Due to some bad investments, his pack is having some financial difficulties, so he reluctantly agrees to let the production company use his castle to make their movie. He's forbidden any of his people to associate with the movie people, and has set very clear boundaries about what areas of the castle can be filmed and what can't.

When Julia and Maria are involved in a car accident, Ian and his brother come to check things out. Ian can't believe how attractive Julia is, and doesn't want to let her out of his sight. Julia, however, doesn't want Ian's attentions while she's searching for the box. The only problem with that is that she can't stop thinking about him.

My thoughts:
Another fun and sexy read by Terry Spear! I enjoy her werewolf world and the characters in it.

Julia was a fun heroine - I loved that she was a romance author. The scenes where everyone is reading her books were cute. I laughed when she tried to be stealthy and sneaky and find the box, she really wasn't very good at it. Ian was definitely an Alpha - he was good at barking out orders, and Julia was very good at ignoring them :)

The secondary characters were just as much fun - I'm in love with Ian's brothers and am hoping that they'll get their own stories later on. I also liked Heather, a young werewolf who wants to get out and see the world without her pack watching over her.

Some of my favorite scenes in the book were the movie fight scenes where all the locals dressed in kilts and re-enacted sword battles.

I can't really get into the plot point I didn't understand without spoilers: it has to do with the box and a binding promise handed down between generations. Once things got to a certain point in the book, I didn't understand why it was still important.

Overall though, a fun sexy read with lots of werewolves and highlanders (two of my favorite things!), and as I stated above, I'm hoping we'll see some of the characters again.

My Rating:

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